Island Girl - The Early Days

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I knew I was different from all my friends from an early age, not that I knew why.

At Primary School, I tended to play with the girls in my class, I was intimidated and bullied by the boys. Secondary School was worse. It was a Boys School. The bullying continued, I hated sport and avoided it at all cost. I was never picked for team games, something that hurt at the time although I was happy at not being in the team.

Looking back now, it seems that children have a sixth sense, they can tell if one of them is different for what ever reason and pick on them, The fat kid, the kid with glasses,


This can be seen in the animal world where a herd or pack of animals will often reject one of the group that is different from the norm…. the runt of the litter, the weaker animal, the albino.

Mum Dad & me June 1965 age 15